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Deployed Airbag
August 23, 2017 By Carl White in Advice

Here are Some Air Bag Facts Airbags have saved thousands of lives after having been massively installed on all vehicles. The idea of the airbag system is simple: airbags are puffed up quickly enough to protect the human body in the event of an accident. It’s very useful to know how airbags system works in

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VINCarHistory VS Carfax
August 22, 2017 By Carl White in Automotive News

If you are going to buy a used car, you may want to know almost everything about it. Not only its main characteristics and technical features but also a number of owners, theft and accident history, junk (salvage) titles, etc. And, of course, you need reliable information in order to make the right decision whether

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Check Car
August 20, 2017 By Carl White in Car Buying

How to Buy a Used Car: Tips and Secrets for a Great Deal Buying a used car is like a lottery. The results are unknown unless you are a true specialist. Otherwise you are vulnerable in front of any surprises like an unscrupulous seller, a stolen car or the car, which was just repaired after

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Salvage Cars
August 18, 2017 By Carl White in Advice

So, you’ve decided to purchase a used car. Your demands are super high, but you have very limited means to fulfill them. If you see an ad where an extraordinarily cheap and more or less new car is being sold – don’t hurry to call the owner and drink champagne: the price might be so

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August 16, 2017 By Carl White in Advice

When buying a used car you probably realize that it can’t have the same technical condition as a brand new one. However, you may want to make sure you are going to make a good purchase. There are many aspects of a car that you need to taken into consideration: the condition of bodywork, how

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Lemon Car
August 14, 2017 By Carl White in VIN Check

We all know how weak product warranties may be. At least once in this life, everyone has been through buying a kettle and hearing strange sounds from it three weeks after. But what if it’s not just a kettle turning into a pumpkin (or, better to say, into a lemon)? What if this is a

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Car For Sale
August 11, 2017 By Carl White in Car Selling

How to Sell a Used Car Favorably and Fast Your car has been your devoted companion and assistant for long years but it’s time to say goodbye. What are the reasons? Any. You are moving, or the car has become too small for your big family, or you decided to replace it with more ecology-friendly

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Cadillac CTS
November 20, 2016 By Carl White in Automotive News

Cadillac CTS has undergone significant technological changes and became even more luxurious over the years. In this sedan you may find the traditional elements of a premium-class automobile, closely intertwined with its unique driving characteristics. We could argue that the decline of popularity of this car made the company push forward and innovate. The sales

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CARFAX Alternatives
November 20, 2016 By Carl White in VIN Check

Buying a used car can be a daunting task with a lot of questions that you have to ask yourself. Ford, Toyota, Dodge, Honda or Chevrolet?? Black, Blue?? How many kilometers is too many? And than of course you spend countless hours driving around used car lots and looking around on the internet. Once you

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